• How are teaching times allocated?

    First Future has 2 types of teaching schedule available to our Teachers:

    1. Fixed Working Shift

    Under a Fixed working Shift Teachers will be given a guaranteed working schedule week-to-week. Teachers will be paid in full for every hour of this schedule regardless of whether they teach classes or not.


    While the exact times of these schedules will vary depending on the Project you are selected for, in general it will require the following:

    • 5 days/week including at least 1 weekend day
    • At least 3 hours of availability per day
    • Weekday availability: 17:00-22:00
    • Weekend Availability: 08:00-22:00

    NOTE: All times are in China Time (GMT+8).


    Most Fixed Shifts offer around 20 hours of work per week, with some offering significantly more depending on the Teachers availability.

    Fixed shift Teachers should be willing to commit to their working schedule for at least 6 months upon agreeing to take the classes.


    2. Flexi Working Shift

    Under a Flexi working Shift Teachers will be able to open their own working times as desired. Available teaching calendars should be set for 1 month and can be changed monthly as necessary.

     Classes will be scheduled with no less than 30 minutes’ notice.

     Taught and No Show classes will be paid in full.

     Cancelled classes (with more than 2 hours’ notice) will not be paid.

    Teachers can open as many hours as they want. However, Teachers must have availability to teach for a minimum of 6 hours/week for 3 hours a day on at least 2 days.

    Teaching hours are currently available at any of the following times:

    • Monday-Friday: 17:00-22:00
    • Saturday: 08:00-22:00
    • Sunday: 08:00-22:00

    NOTE: All times are in China Time (GMT+8).

    Teachers whose availability changes can inform our Team to change their available times. If no classes have been scheduled in the time being changed then the time can be changed without consequence. If a class has already been scheduled then ideally the Teacher will take the class, however, it may be possible to move the class with minimal impact if we receive sufficient notice.

    Can a Teacher work both Fixed and Flexi?

    Absolutely! In fact this is fast becoming our most popular schedule. Teachers love the guaranteed nature of our Fixed Shift which allows them to be confident they will earn each week. They then open Flexi times around their Fixed Shifts to maximize their working time.

    As an example, Teacher A works:

    Fixed Shift on Monday-Friday: 19:00-22:00 & Saturday: 17:00-22:00

    For 20 guaranteed pay hours per week

    They also open their Flexi Shift from 17:00-22:00 Monday-Friday and any hours they want on Saturday/Sunday to maximize their teaching time.

    What if I need to change working schedule during my Fixed working shift of when I have Flexi classes booked?

    We have been doing this for a long time, we understand that these things happen and in most cases our Teachers have no choice but to make these changes. We ask, firstly, that Teachers endeavor to only commit to working shifts they are confident they can complete. Secondly, that when a change of circumstances does happen you give us as much notice as possible to minimize the impact on our Students.

    Full details on our policies for this situation and all other important will be provided as part of our Teacher Handbook when you join.

    So what are you waiting for!! Take the next step on your journey to becoming a Freelance Teacher and Apply Now!