• When and how are First Future Teachers paid?

    Teachers are paid on the 10th day of the following month you taught in. Payments are made through PayPal or into Local Bank Accounts when required.

    How much are First Future Teachers Paid?

    Fixed Rate Teachers are paid $10-12/hour with or without class for every hour you are scheduled to work. Pay rate will depend on your experience level and be agreed upon before you start teaching. 

    Flexi Rate Teachers are paid $12-14/hour for classes which were taught or no show. Pay rate will depend on your experience level and be agreed upon before you start teaching.

    25 minute classes pay 30 minutes

    40,45 and 50 minute classes pay for 1 hour.

    We also offer +$1 pay for every group class taught +$1 weekend incentive (every hour taught on the weekend) and +$1/hour in class bonuses (conditional).

    Will I receive any bonus aside from my monthly salary?

    Certain Teachers are eligible for our First Future Class Bonus the details of which will be shared with you during the recruitment process.

    Certain Projects also offer additional bonuses for Attendance, Retention Rate (the number of Students who re-enrol with you) and Pick-up Rate (the number of trial Students who sign up for classes after a trial with you). These bonuses will be discussed with Teachers who are eligible to receive them based on the Project they are working with.

    Can I get a pay raise?

    Pay rates are evaluated every 12 months with qualified Teachers being offered a raise based on their Attendance, Performance and Overall Contribution to the Team.

    How will I be taxed?

    First Future makes no deductions from Teachers pay for taxes. As Freelance Teachers, all local tax requirements are the responsibility of the Teacher depending on their location and personal circumstances.