• What kind of working shifts do Teachers work?

    First Future offers 2 kinds of working shift: Fixed Shift and Flexi Shift. Please refer to the “Schedule” section below for more information on this.

    Will I need to prepare anything for class?

    First Future provides all required Teaching Materials, Teachers Guides and Lesson Plans for our classes. A Teacher has everything they need to teach the class. Of course, you may wish to run through the materials a few minutes before class to make sure you are comfortable with the learning objectives of the class.

    Where will the classes be conducted?

    First Future uses a range of online Virtual Classroom platforms (like Skype but designed for teaching) to conduct our different class types. Depending on the platform you will be using you will be trained and guided in how to use the Virtual Classroom by our Team.

    What type of classes will I be teaching?

    One of the things which makes First Future different is the range of classes we teach. We have one-to-one, small group and large group classes covering general conversation all the way up to specialist test preparation classes. This allows us to work with Teachers who have a wide range of experience and certifications.

    Our Students range in age from 4 to 60 but the vast majority of our Students are K-12 Learners.

    Our most common class types are 25 minute conversational English classes.

    Are all classes 25 minutes?

    We also have 50 minute classes.

    For Flexi Class Booking system will I be paid by the hour?

    25 minute classes pay 30 minutes

    40,45 and 50 minute classes pay for 1 hour.

    What happens if my class is Cancelled or my Student does not arrive?

    If your class is cancelled with more than 2 hours’ notice and you are not on a Fixed working Shift then you are not required to login and teach. If you are on a Fixed Shift (meaning you are on stand-by even when you have no class scheduled) then you will be paid for these classes.

    If your class is cancelled with less than 2 hours’ notice or your Student simply does not arrive we call this a “No Show” class. Unlike most other online schools, we pay the FULL class pay rate for No Show classes.

    What happens if one of my Students or their Parents contacts me directly?

    Parents should not contact Teachers directly, if they do then simply ask them to communicate with their School and let our Team know. First Future does not require our Teachers to handle Student issues like this.