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    How can I apply?

    Visit and complete your application. You will be asked to provide some basic information about yourself and then to submit a video recording of you reading a story. This process usually takes around 20 minutes. Please make sure all information is correct and complete.

    Will I need an Interview?

    Assuming you complete all the profile form and submit your video recording then you will not be required to attend a live interview. If you are unable to submit a video recording of yourself or would prefer a live interview then this can be arranged through the application page.

    What equipment do I need?

    1. A computer with a webcam (HD webcam preferred);

    2. A headset with microphone;

    3. Stable Internet connection (wired connection required not Wi-Fi)

    4. You will be required to install some software related to our Teaching Platform. This is very simple and our Tech Team are on hand to assist whenever needed

    What’s the minimum Internet speed required for online teaching?

    Our system will run effectively with a stable 5mbps upload and download speed. If you are not sure about your internet speed you can visit to run a test.

    Can I teach from anywhere in the World?

    Absolutely! First Future is the largest provider of B-to-B Online English classes in China. We have hundreds of Teachers teaching in all corners of the globe, with the required technical infrastructure and support to handle this.

    What kind of teaching times will I work?

    We offer 2 working shift types with many available working hours ranging from 6 hours up to 40 hours/week. Please see the 'Schedule' section below for more details on our working schedules.

    What happens if I don’t hear back about my application?

    If you haven't received any feedback within 3 working days there may have been an issue with your application. You may contact our Team directly through Skype by adding: First Future Recruitment

    Our recruitment Team are available from 08:00-21:00 Monday-Sunday (China Time).

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      What’s the recruitment process like?

      For Your Application

      1. Create account Profile

      2. Submit Resume

      3. Submit Speaking Assessment

       Completion Time: ~20 minutes

       Response Time: Within 24 hours

       Teacher Selection

      4. Submit Teacher Face Picture

      5. Submit Teacher Intro Video

      6. Submit Teacher “About Me”

      Completion Time: ~40 minutes

      Response Time: You can proceed to Preparation Training immediately

      Teacher Preparation

      7. Go through some basic system set up requirements

      8. Learn the basics of online Teaching methodology (TPR) and watch videos of good classes

      9. Mock Class

      10. Agree to working schedule

      Completion Time: Around 2 hours of video watching + 1 hour of mock classes

      11. Start Teaching!!!

      During your first 30 days

      12. Receive 12-16 hours of additional specialized training as necessary

      What’s covered in the training?

      In the Teacher Preparation training the basics of using our System, First Future's Teaching Methodology and how to interact with Chinese Learners will be covered.

      In the full Training Course after you have started teaching we will cover the more advanced areas of online teaching as necessary depending on your experience.

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        What kind of working shifts do Teachers work?

        First Future offers 2 kinds of working shift: Fixed Shift and Flexi Shift. Please refer to the “Schedule” section below for more information on this.

        Will I need to prepare anything for class?

        First Future provides all required Teaching Materials, Teachers Guides and Lesson Plans for our classes. A Teacher has everything they need to teach the class. Of course, you may wish to run through the materials a few minutes before class to make sure you are comfortable with the learning objectives of the class.

        Where will the classes be conducted?

        First Future uses a range of online Virtual Classroom platforms (like Skype but designed for teaching) to conduct our different class types. Depending on the platform you will be using you will be trained and guided in how to use the Virtual Classroom by our Team.

        What type of classes will I be teaching?

        One of the things which makes First Future different is the range of classes we teach. We have one-to-one, small group and large group classes covering general conversation all the way up to specialist test preparation classes. This allows us to work with Teachers who have a wide range of experience and certifications.

        Our Students range in age from 4 to 60 but the vast majority of our Students are K-12 Learners.

        Our most common class types are 25 minute conversational English classes.

        Are all classes 25 minutes?

        We also have 50 minute classes.

        For Flexi Class Booking system will I be paid by the hour?

        25 minute classes pay 30 minutes

        40,45 and 50 minute classes pay for 1 hour.

        What happens if my class is Cancelled or my Student does not arrive?

        If your class is cancelled with more than 2 hours’ notice and you are not on a Fixed working Shift then you are not required to login and teach. If you are on a Fixed Shift (meaning you are on stand-by even when you have no class scheduled) then you will be paid for these classes.

        If your class is cancelled with less than 2 hours’ notice or your Student simply does not arrive we call this a “No Show” class. Unlike most other online schools, we pay the FULL class pay rate for No Show classes.

        What happens if one of my Students or their Parents contacts me directly?

        Parents should not contact Teachers directly, if they do then simply ask them to communicate with their School and let our Team know. First Future does not require our Teachers to handle Student issues like this.

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          When and how are First Future Teachers paid?

          Teachers are paid on the 10th day of the following month you taught in. Payments are made through PayPal or into Local Bank Accounts when required.

          How much are First Future Teachers Paid?

          Fixed Rate Teachers are paid $10-12/hour with or without class for every hour you are scheduled to work. Pay rate will depend on your experience level and be agreed upon before you start teaching. 

          Flexi Rate Teachers are paid $12-14/hour for classes which were taught or no show. Pay rate will depend on your experience level and be agreed upon before you start teaching.

          25 minute classes pay 30 minutes

          40,45 and 50 minute classes pay for 1 hour.

          We also offer +$1 pay for every group class taught +$1 weekend incentive (every hour taught on the weekend) and +$1/hour in class bonuses (conditional).

          Will I receive any bonus aside from my monthly salary?

          Certain Teachers are eligible for our First Future Class Bonus the details of which will be shared with you during the recruitment process.

          Certain Projects also offer additional bonuses for Attendance, Retention Rate (the number of Students who re-enrol with you) and Pick-up Rate (the number of trial Students who sign up for classes after a trial with you). These bonuses will be discussed with Teachers who are eligible to receive them based on the Project they are working with.

          Can I get a pay raise?

          Pay rates are evaluated every 12 months with qualified Teachers being offered a raise based on their Attendance, Performance and Overall Contribution to the Team.

          How will I be taxed?

          First Future makes no deductions from Teachers pay for taxes. As Freelance Teachers, all local tax requirements are the responsibility of the Teacher depending on their location and personal circumstances.

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            How are teaching times allocated?

            First Future has 2 types of teaching schedule available to our Teachers:

            1. Fixed Working Shift

            Under a Fixed working Shift Teachers will be given a guaranteed working schedule week-to-week. Teachers will be paid in full for every hour of this schedule regardless of whether they teach classes or not.


            While the exact times of these schedules will vary depending on the Project you are selected for, in general it will require the following:

            • 5 days/week including at least 1 weekend day
            • At least 3 hours of availability per day
            • Weekday availability: 17:00-22:00
            • Weekend Availability: 08:00-22:00

            NOTE: All times are in China Time (GMT+8).


            Most Fixed Shifts offer around 20 hours of work per week, with some offering significantly more depending on the Teachers availability.

            Fixed shift Teachers should be willing to commit to their working schedule for at least 6 months upon agreeing to take the classes.


            2. Flexi Working Shift

            Under a Flexi working Shift Teachers will be able to open their own working times as desired. Available teaching calendars should be set for 1 month and can be changed monthly as necessary.

             Classes will be scheduled with no less than 30 minutes’ notice.

             Taught and No Show classes will be paid in full.

             Cancelled classes (with more than 2 hours’ notice) will not be paid.

            Teachers can open as many hours as they want. However, Teachers must have availability to teach for a minimum of 6 hours/week for 3 hours a day on at least 2 days.

            Teaching hours are currently available at any of the following times:

            • Monday-Friday: 17:00-22:00
            • Saturday: 08:00-22:00
            • Sunday: 08:00-22:00

            NOTE: All times are in China Time (GMT+8).

            Teachers whose availability changes can inform our Team to change their available times. If no classes have been scheduled in the time being changed then the time can be changed without consequence. If a class has already been scheduled then ideally the Teacher will take the class, however, it may be possible to move the class with minimal impact if we receive sufficient notice.

            Can a Teacher work both Fixed and Flexi?

            Absolutely! In fact this is fast becoming our most popular schedule. Teachers love the guaranteed nature of our Fixed Shift which allows them to be confident they will earn each week. They then open Flexi times around their Fixed Shifts to maximize their working time.

            As an example, Teacher A works:

            Fixed Shift on Monday-Friday: 19:00-22:00 & Saturday: 17:00-22:00

            For 20 guaranteed pay hours per week

            They also open their Flexi Shift from 17:00-22:00 Monday-Friday and any hours they want on Saturday/Sunday to maximize their teaching time.

            What if I need to change working schedule during my Fixed working shift of when I have Flexi classes booked?

            We have been doing this for a long time, we understand that these things happen and in most cases our Teachers have no choice but to make these changes. We ask, firstly, that Teachers endeavor to only commit to working shifts they are confident they can complete. Secondly, that when a change of circumstances does happen you give us as much notice as possible to minimize the impact on our Students.

            Full details on our policies for this situation and all other important will be provided as part of our Teacher Handbook when you join.

            So what are you waiting for!! Take the next step on your journey to becoming a Freelance Teacher and Apply Now!